Meet Dr. Petr Hampl

PhDr. Petr Hampl, PhD is a Czech independent sociologist and a leading personality of Central-European alt-right. He is the author of bestseller Prolomeni Hradeb (Breaking through City Walls – Why The West is Losing to Islam and What are Chances to its Saving). He is a co-worker of Vaclav Klaus Institute.

Life. Petr Hampl was born in 1969 in Prague. He studied Czech Technical Universtiy and participated in protests against the communist régime. After Velvet revolution (1989) worked as a journalist and later started sociology studies at Charles University, reaching his degree in 1998. Since that, he has earnt his living with sales and marketing of technology products and services. He spent almost ten years in a global corporation (different consulting and management roles) and ran his own company focused on services to Czech SMBs. Petr dedicated only part of his time to sociology.

In 2012 he published an essay Why Metternich brought prosperity while Merkel brings immiseration based on new class theory. This essay attracted a lot of attention, and Petr Hampl became broadly recognised intelektuál and commentator soon. In 2015 he took a clear position against immigration and Islamisation of Europe. In Czech radio, he openly promoted the view that military force should be used to stop migration wave at any cost. He became immediately unwanted in mainstream media and was invited to speak at universities any more. Left-wing radicals often target his public lectures. However, he still talks to hundred thousands of people through e-mails, social networks and public speeches.

Petr Hampl lives in Dobrichovice near Prague. He is married and has three adult children.

Sociology. Petr Hampl graduated in sociology at Philosophical Faculty of Charles University. He thesis focused on Popper´s methodology of social science. Until now, he has kept Popperian methodological fundamentals, including falsification of theories.  In 2015 he finished his PhD studies with White Colar Revisited - Theory of impact of bureaucratisation on economic and social life on Western societies.

In 2010 – 14 he lectured on Prague University of Economy and Management. During this time, he published textbook Management Sociology. In 2014 – 16 he worked on Charles University as researchers focused on erotic capital (concept by Catherina Hakim), being an editor of Power of Beauty of anthology. However, his main interest is class conflicts, social class formation, class consciousness etc.  In addition to Czech thinking about society, he is influenced by British and American thinkers, mainly Edmund Burke, Charles W. MillsPeter L. BergerCharles MurrayKarl R. Popper, Joseph Schumpeter a Rodney Stark.

Petr Hampl with Czech president Vaclav KlausPolitics. After being pushed out of mainstream media, Petr Hampl focused on political activities. He was vice-chairman of Czech Block Against Islam and the chairman of Alternative for the Czech Republic. Both parties failed to find sufficient financing.

His political views are close to German AfD or Breitbart´s alt-right – strong focus on civic freedoms and especially on freedom of speech, traditional values, patriotism, national states sovereignty, standing with Israel, rights of people against global economic elites, preference of local firm and farms against global corporations.

Petr Hampl supports Czech president Milos Zeman and political parties of Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF) fraction.

Bestseller. In 2018, Petr Hampl published his first „big“ book Breaking Through the City Walls – Why the West is Losing to Islam and What are chances to its Saving. In this book, he introduced an integrated theory of Western civilisation development, including globalisation, democracy, bureaucracy, forming new social classes, education, family life, values decline, attacks on masculinity and other factors. In spite of several censorship attempts, the book became a bestseller soon, with two reprintings in the first two months. In half of 2018, almost 10 000 copies have been sold, which means enormous success even in comparison with detective stories in the small Czech market.

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